The Role of the Workplace Innovation Manager as an Internal Knowledge Hub in a Company


The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled companies worldwide to swiftly adapt their operations to remote work and digital solutions. As a result, even organizations previously resistant to digitalization are now recognizing the need to enhance their digital capacities. This period of transition presents significant challenges and opportunities, and effective management of workplace innovation becomes crucial. The WIN project, within the spirit and values of the European Union, addresses these challenges by introducing the role of the Workplace Innovation Manager. 

Remote Work and Productivity Leaders who were previously hesitant to allow remote work have witnessed the potential for increased productivity when employees work in their own environments. This shift in mindset highlights the need for effective management of workplace innovation. The Workplace Innovation Manager helps leaders recognize the value of flexible work arrangements and empowers employees to embrace digital technologies to enhance their productivity, collaboration, and overall work experience. At the same time plays a pivotal role in supporting employees through this transformation, ensuring smooth integration of digital technologies, and leveraging them to drive innovation and productivity.

The Workplace Innovation Manager serves as a catalyst for promoting workplace innovation by disseminating concepts such as idea management and design thinking. They act as a knowledge hub, sharing best practices, facilitating training sessions, and creating platforms for idea generation. By promoting a culture of creativity and innovation, the Workplace Innovation Manager enables employees to contribute their unique perspectives, driving continuous improvement and problem-solving. In addition to spreading innovation concepts, the Workplace Innovation Manager develops and nurtures innovation capabilities within the organization. They facilitate collaboration between teams and departments, encourage cross-functional learning, and provide the necessary resources and support for innovation initiatives. They support change management efforts by facilitating communication, addressing resistance to change, and promoting organizational learning. 

As companies embrace digital transformation in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of the Workplace Innovation Manager as an internal knowledge hub becomes increasingly vital. By spreading concepts on idea management, design thinking, and innovation capabilities, they enable organizations to navigate the challenges of digitalization effectively. Embracing this role pave the way for workplace innovation, fostering a culture of creativity, continuous learning, and digital prowess. By recognizing the value of the Workplace Innovation Manager, companies can drive sustainable growth and remain competitive in the digital era.

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