Introduction to Workplace Innovation

Entrepreneurship is now recognised by all international organisations as a important factor that determines economic growth, competitiveness and competitiveness. employment and is an important driver of innovation. The management of innovation, i.e., how a new idea is created, how and according to which criteria how it is created, how it is evaluated, how it is financed, etc., is a particularly arduous and demanding process which is a key element of effective entrepreneurship.

According to Ducker (1985) innovation should be a key strategy of a firm, stressing that either entrepreneurs who are individuals who start their own businesses or business organizations that want to continue to grow, should pursue innovative activities that will bring them profits and competitive advantages.

WIN project will directly address the needs and challenges that companies, SMEs and organizations face in their efforts to manage and promote workplace innovation by introducing the professional profile of the Workplace Innovation Manager. The main objective is to develop material and techniques, to provide guidelines and support SMEs/ companies/ organizations to achieve workplace innovation.

The job profile of the Workplace Innovation Manager will be based on the relevant competency framework and having as main responsibilities to encourage a proactive approach in management and promote workplace innovation within their organizations, upgrade the skills and competences of managers and employees of European SMEs, provide a holistic framework for the key competences both of employees and administrative staff.

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